Are you tired of paying sky-high cable or satellite monthly fees?

Did you know, you can get Satellite TV on your PC and never pay another monthly billĀ again?



Below we have our most asked questions and answers to help you.

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Do I have to buy anything else in order to access the 3000+ stations?
No. All that you need is our software and an internet connection.

Are there any recurring payments?
No. There are no monthly subscription payments or any other recurring payments.

What do I get if I purchase your product?
As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive our full service. Just install the software and follow the instructions to start the broadcasts.

Is this service only available in North America?
No. Our service can be accessed from any PC in the world.

How many stations are included in the package?
Our software package comes with over 3000 Stations (News, Movies, Sports, Pay-Per-View, HBO, Adult, TV Shows, Radio, etc.) from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts.

What type of premium channels will I be able to watch?
When can watch HBO, Starz, ESPN, BBC, Pay-Per-View, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nick, Adult (X-rated) movies, and many more.

When will I receive my software?
Once your order has been received you will immediately receive the software. With one simple download, you will be able to enjoy satellite broadcasts directly to your PC.

Will this work on any computer?
Yes, It works with all computers except Macs.

Can I use this on more than one computer?
Yes, you can put it on as many computers as you want.

My question is not answered here, What should I do?
Please use our contact form if you need any further assistance.
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